Arab Regional Cyber Security CTF 2018 – The Road to Japan

The Arab Cyber Security Capture the Flag Competition, organized and co-hosted by CyberTalents and Trend Micro, is considered to be the largest cybersecurity competition in the Arab World. Teams from 8-10 countries will compete together to win the opportunity to represent the Arab region in Trend Micro International CTF in Japan in November 2018. The Competition runs over a period of 8 months where teams from every country will compete locally first to qualify a winning team from each Arab country to represent their country in the Arab Final in 8th of August in Cairo, Egypt

What’s CTF:

Capture the flag competition (CTF) is a cybersecurity competition where participants demonstrate their technical ability in the cybersecurity field. Every team will have a list of challenges in different cybersecurity categories like Malware Reverse Engineering, Web Security, Digital Forensics, Network Security and others. For every challenge solved, the team will get a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty of the challenge. The team who will get the highest score at the end of the day will be the winning team.

Arab Regional Cybersecurity CTF Teams:

  1. Minimum number of players/team is two and maximum number is four
  2. 50 % of the team must be undergraduates.
  3. 50 % of the team must be holding the nationality of the country that we are running its National competition. i.e team of two in Emirates must have at least one Emirati in the team.
  4. All team players must have a valid permit of residence in the country we are running its National competition. i.e expats who doesn’t have a valid residence in Saudi Arabia cannot play in Saudi Arabia National Cyber Security CTF


  1. All Winning Teams from CyberTalents National Cyber Security CTF competitions in different Arab countries will receive fully covered accommodation and flight tickets to represent their countries in Arab Regional Cybersecurity CTF.
  2. Winning Team from Arab Regional CTF will receive fully covered accommodation and flights tickets to represent the whole Arab Region in “Trend Micro CTF 2018” in Tokyo, Japan in November 2018.

Competition Rules:

  1. Any attack against the site or the hosted servers that are out of the scope will be banned immediately from participating in the CTF.
  2. Running Automation tools are not allowed and won’t help you complete the challenge.
  3. Sharing flags between different teams is prohibited.
  4. Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed.
  5. The organizers have the permission to disqualify a team for any unethical behavior or any trial to interrupt the CTF.

Why Cybersecurity Competition Now?

Cyber Security job market suffers a severe workforce shortage. In 2016, the number of cybersecurity jobs opening worldwide is 2 million jobs with a shortage of 1 million jobs. By 2019, the number of the job opening is expected to increase to reach 6 million jobs opening. Also, Cyber Security market, in general, is expected to reach 10 % year after year growth in the next 5 years to make the total cyber security market more than 200 billion dollars in 2021. Thus, all entities including governments, private companies, service providers need to take quick actions to close that gap to bring more cybersecurity talents to the cybersecurity game.

About CyberTalents:

CyberTalents is a platform that ranks cybersecurity talents according to their real hands-on skills in different cybersecurity categories by running CTF Competitions in order to get hired by recruiters.

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