The 1st Women in Cyber Security CTF in MENA

It was certainly a historic moment for the MENA region. 15th of December witnessed a distinguished multitude striding down the halls of Intercontinental Cairo CityStars Hotel. Women, young and old; novices and professionals; from urban and rural, all armed with laptops and cables were unconsciously opening new dimensions as they registered for the first of its kind women CTF IN MENA region, organized CyberTalents. The contest went live by 11 am CLT as the 17 teams seated themselves at (Intercontinental Cairo CityStars Hotel – Al Saraya Hall). The following 7 hours that ensued promised challenges of varying difficulty levels that, each testing the girls in crucial domains that encompass cybersecurity. A flurry of frustrations, whoops of joy, desperate searches, and grueling brain work later, the charts revealed the winners. Team “Hustle” beamed proudly from the top with 750 points. While teams MRX and An0nym0us followed closely with 700 and 650 points. Needless to say, the skills displayed by the girls that day set the place aflame. Bon, Voyage to the winners on their free trip to the renowned HITB conferences being held at Amsterdam next May. And cheers to the all the girls that broke stereotypes and made it to the CTF.

The first Winning Team “Hustle_Team”
Team Members

Kholoud Altookhy, Fatma Tarek & Tasneem

Winners got an intellectual voyage to HITB conference in Amsterdam next May, free of cost. Do note that HITB is one-of-the-kind conferences in the Cyber World. Representing the women of Arab there could be a crown jewel of your resume.

The main point of Women CTF Competition that the Cybersecurity workforce is 3 million employees short. It is this gap that women should strategize to sneak into. The Women in Cyber Security CTF could be your chance to get started. As the first of its kind in MENA region,  this CTF by Cyber Talents is aimed at evaluation and recognition of rare talents across the Arab multitudes.


Thanks to Abeer Khedr & Noura Hassan for their support & effort during the competition

Thanks to Hassan Mourad, @Ahmed Saafan, Mohamed Talaat & Fady Osman for their effort in the training.

Also, Thanks to Amr Ragheb for his effort during the competition as a Mentor.

We are very proud to have National Bank of Egypt (NBE) , Trend Micro Middle East and Africa as a platinum sponsors for the competition, CISO COUNCIL, TIEC, UNDP, OWASP Foundation Cairo Chapter, @OWASP women in appsec,  & ZINAD IT As Partners at 1st Cybersecurity CTF for Women

Thanks to all the players who attended the competition, We hope to see you again in the coming competition

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