Women in Cybersecurity CTF Competition

Women in Cybersecurity CTF Competition is the first cybersecurity competition in the MENA region for women. This is Competition where participants can show their technical ability in the cybersecurity field. Winning team will receive tickets to attend HITB conference in Amsterdam next May, one of the most prestigious cyber security conferences globally, flights, accommodation and conference tickets are covered for the the first winning team.

Today, we face a huge shortage in cyber security talents and with 20% only of world wide workforce are females, the need for adding more women to the cybersecurity game became so crucial to close the skills shortage gap.The competition is one of the main activities of Cairo Security Camp conference 2018.

Date and Time of the Competition:

The competition will be held on 15/12/2018 from on the sideline of Cairo Security Camp Conference 2018 at InterContinental Citystars, Cairo. The competition is sponsored by National Bank of Egypt & Trend Micro as platinum sponsors. Also, Women in Cybersecurity Middle East group and OWASP Women in Appsec acts as a supporting partners for the competition

Competition Rules:

Only women can join the competition without any adherence to the age or the major.

Both students and professionals are allowed to join the competition.

The minimum number of the members of the team is two and the maximum number is three.

Competitions Fields (Challenges): The competition evaluates the participants’ skills in different cyber security fields like:

  • Network Security
  • Web Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Malware Reverse Engineering and others

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