Registration is available on to practice on existing challenges. New challenges will be added every week on the portal to practice. Qualification Round is per individual not per team. Teams Formation will open after the qualification round starting from 10th of April
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  • Number of Team members: Minimum two - Maximum three members with the below conditions :
    • At least two members of the team must be undergraduates in any Egyptian university or school.
    • One Mentor is allowed to join the team , the mentor is a professional working in cyber security field that can provides technical mentorship to his/her team before and during the CTF. ( Mentors are allowed to be one of the team during the competition)
    • Every Team should have a team leader, that is responsible to build the team and he will be the main contact to the organizers.
  • Moving members between teams is allowed two days before the competition
  • Mentors or undergraduates team players can’t be a member of multiple teams
  • Although we prefer that undergraduates represent their universities but there is no restrictions on having members from different universities at the same team
  • Teams coming from outside cairo will get reimbursement for their travel expenses and one night accommodation after delivering the bills to organizers with a maximum of 300 EGP / person


  • Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed and teams might be banned from participating in the CTF.
  • Running Automation tools are not allowed and won't help you complete the challenge.
  • Sharing flags between different teams is prohibited.
  • Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed
  • Any trials for interrupting the CTF, or any unethical behaviour, Organizers has the permission to disqualify teams





27 Feb. - 10 March

Info Sessions in Universities

CyberTalents will visit different universities to give info session and answer players inquiries

1 March- 6 April

Practicing on CyberTalents

Players will have access on updated challenges to practice their skills

6 April - 8 April

Qualification Round

Three Days Online Qualification Round. Players who will get the minimum points will qualify to final

10 April- 21 April

Teams Formation

Qualified players create their teams to play in the final from the qualified members only

22 April


Qualified Teams will compete in Cairo to win a valuable cash prize


  • Winning Team will get 100,000 EGP as Cash prize
  • 1st Runner up will get 30,000 EGP as Cash prize
  • 2nd Runner up will get 20,000 EGP as Cash prize.
  • All winning teams will receive medals
  • All teams will get CyberTalents T-shirts
  • Four to five members from the First three teams will have an opportunity to be selected by CyberTalents to represent Egypt in an international CTF Competition in Japan in November 2017.


For any issues . please contact us on [email protected] .com

About CyberTalents

CyberTalents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents according to their real hands on skills in different cyber security categories by running CTFS Competitions in order to get hired by recruiters. Cyber Talents provides recruitment & personnel assessment to its customers in a SAAS model