CTF Teams

  • Number of team members: 2-3 members with the below conditions:
  • Two members (Omani) of the team must be undergraduates at any Omani university
  • One mentor is allowed to join the team; the mentor is a professional working in cyber security field that can provide technical mentorship to his/her team before and during the CTF.
  • Mentors are allowed to be one of the team during the competition
  • Every team should have a team leader who is responsible to build the team and he will be the main contact to the organizers.
  • The members are allowed to move between teams until two days before the competition.
  • Mentors or undergraduates team players cannot be a member of multiple teams.
  • Although we prefer that undergraduates represent their universities but there are no restrictions on having members from different universities at the same team.
  • To register to CTF competition visit: CyberTalents
  • Prior the registration for CTF competition, all participants must register in the Oman National CERT “ambassadors’ program” through the link: Ambassadors link

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  • Any attack against the site or the hosted servers that are out of the scope will be banned immediately from participating in the CTF.
  • Running Automation tools are not allowed and won't help you complete the challenge.
  • Sharing flags between different teams is prohibited.
  • Brute Force attacks on the challenges submission portal or challenges links are not allowed.
  • The organizers have the permission to disqualify a team for any unethical behavior or any trial to interrupt the CTF.

CTF Schedule

Action item


25 August 2017

Announcement & Practice

24th – 28th September 2017

Roadshow for the competition at different universities and a brief about it.

26th- 28th October 2017

Online Qualification

11th November 2017

National Final Round

15th- 16th December 2017

Regional Round


Winning Team receives fully covered accommodation and flight tickets to represent Oman in “Arab Regional Cyber Security CTF” in Cairo, Egypt on 15-16 December.


For any issues . please contact us on [email protected] .com

About CyberTalents

CyberTalents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents according to their real hands on skills in different cyber security categories by running CTFS Competitions in order to get hired by recruiters. Cyber Talents provides recruitment & personnel assessment to its customers in a SAAS model