We bring the best talents to the cyber security game


About CyberTalents

Cyber Talents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents according to their real hands
on skills in different cyber security categories by running capture the flag competitions
in order to be hired by recruiters .
CyberTalents provides recruitment & personnel assessment to its customers
in a SAAS model

our Story

We used to manage CTFs ( Capture the Flag Competitions) across many places for the past few years. We noticed that the market has an ever growing need for high skills cyber security talents with nearly 2 million persons shortage.Also, we know that the top rankers in CTFs usually land in nice jobs after being noticed by companies that attend conferences where CTFs are held. In an attempt to close this gap, we launched CyberTalents to automate and ease the creation of CTFs and provide it as a service to find the best talents, rank them across the globe and bring them to Cyber Security Game. CyberTalents platform vision is to build the largest cyber security community in the world to be able to solve workforce shortage & the future cyber security problems CyberTalents is on a mission to close the gap of cyber security professionals shortage across the globe that most governments, companies & enterprises face now.

What we Do ?

Cyber Security Recruitment & Headhunting
Cyber Security technical Personnel Assessment
CTF ( Capture the Flag ) Competitions Hosting & Organizing
Cyber Security Summer & Winter Camps

Why we Do it ?

Our team consists of cyber security experts and consultants. We believe that all of us have a role in solving different cyber security problems . Cyber Crimes will keep increasing in the next five to ten years. The existing workforce won’t be enough to handle cases and incidents that arises day after day especially when attacks become more sophisticated. CyberTalents decided to take the lead to bring more players to the cybersecurity game in an attempt to win the battle.

Our Values

Integrity : We maintain long term relationships with our customers & partners.

Commitment : We always keep our words.

Speciality : In what we do, we do it best.

Passion : We have a strong passion about what we do.


"CyberTalents, as a company, is a very interesting idea to me, they solve a huge pain for both governments and companies as well, Their model worth encouragement and support from us as a government. We are looking forward to having more companies like CyberTalents that solves a real problem."