Hire cyber security professionals based on our innovatiove state of art assessment technology

Assess your applicants & employees using hands on challenges

Why CyberTalents Assessment ?
Whether you are doing an assessment for your existing employees or new candidates applying for jobs, you can measure candidates' hands-on skills through CyberTalents skills assessment technology which is based on CTF competitions.

1 Test Creation

  1. Create a test based on the cybersecurity field.
  2. Pick challenges from CyberTalents library based on the job seniority.
  3. Hundreds of Challenges are available in different fields either Network Security , Web Security, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis & Others.

2 Invite Candidates

  1. Simply share the test link on social media or invite the candidates directly through emails.
  2. Tests can run on premises or online based on your preference.
  3. Publish the test on your CyberTalents company page or keep it private with specific candidates.

3 Review Candidate Report

  1. Detailed report of the candidate's performance is generated covering different submissions.
  2. The candidates can be easily filtered based on their performance and profile information.
  3. Downloadable report with key insights about every candidates.