CyberTalents Ambassador Program

Be our Voice in your Country and Help Raise Cybersecurity Awareness across the Globe.


CyberTalents Ambassador Program is a platform for students from different universities across the globe who are passionate about cybersecurity with a purpose to join an international community program to promote CTF competitions and cybersecurity games and training.


  • Promote the idea of Information Sharing inside your university especially in cybersecurity.
  • Choose the most suitable and familiar channel in your community and create a channel for CyberTalents Community in your country.
  • Invite people from inside your university to form CyberTalents Club either students or professors.
  • Promote CyberTalents activities/news on different social media platforms.
  • Run at least one CTF competition per year either online/offline in your university.
  • Organize at least one event other than CTFs per year in your university either online/offline that can help enhance other talents' skills.
  • Try to create partnerships with other students' tech communities to do some activities with them.
  • Act as the main volunteer in National Competitions that are run by CyberTalents onsite.
  • Communicate with other ambassadors locally and globally.
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Benefits for Ambassadors:

  • Growing the ambassador's network as you will be able to meet different talents and experts in the field.
  • Active ambassadors in every university can attend different paid events onsite for free as being part of the organizers team.
  • Ambassador will have the opportunity to write articles/blogs about his/her achievements in CyberTalents and it will be published on CyberTalents blog and be viewed by most of the security professionals in the region.
  • If the ambassador can create challenges, he/she can share it with our technical team for review and it can be published on CyberTalents Platform if approved.
  • There is an announcement every month on CyberTalents social media for “Ambassador of the Month” for the most active ambassador.
  • Active ambassadors can have high chances to get hired in part or full time jobs.
  • Certificate of appreciation from CyberTalents upon finishing your program.
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  • CyberTalents logo shall not be used in any events announcements either online or onsite without getting approval from CyberTalents team.
  • CyberTalents shall be informed of any events that will be organized under its name prior to the event announcement.
  • If there is any promotional material for events announcements, it shall be shared with CyberTalents team first for review.
  • No partnerships to be held without getting approval from CyberTalents team.
  • CyberTalents shall be given admin access to any channel created under its name.
  • Ambassadors have the right to use the title “CyberTalents Ambassador” when representing CyberTalents and this includes Social Media Platforms as well.
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