Students Ambassador Program


CyberTalents Ambassador Program is a platform for students from different universities across the globe who are passionate about cybersecurity with a purpose join an international community program to promote CTF competitions and cyber security games. Ambassadors will be chosen after a series of interviews be the image and the voice of CyberTalents in your university and to participate in building the largest students cyber security community.

Activities :

  • Promote the idea of Information Sharing inside your university especially in cyber security field.
  • Invite people from inside your university to form CyberTalents Club either students or professors.
  • CyberTalents Ambassadors will have to run at least one CTF competition every quarter either online/offline
  • CyberTalents Ambassadors must organize, at least, one event / meetup per quarter inside their universities. CybertTalents will try to provide all support they can like inviting famous speakers in information security field, logistics, giveaways, and sometimes financial support
  • Ambassadors will act as the main volunteers in National Competitions that run by CyberTalents platform
  • Communicate with other ambassadors in different universities across the globe
  • Distribute CyberTalents Swags.

Benefits for Ambassadors :

  1. CyberTalents will have an “Club of the year “ prize for the most active Clubs every year and the winner will be announced and receive his present in a public ceremony.
  2. Active ambassadors in every university can attend different paid events for free as part of the organizers team.
  3. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to write articles / blogs about their achievements of their activities in CyberTalents blog and be viewed by most of security professionals in the area
  4. Certificate and letter of appreciation from CyberTalents upon finishing of your program
  5. A chance to become a paid tester in CyberTalents early features
  6. Swags and giveaways.

Rules :

  1. CyberTalents Ambassador Program can use the logo of CyberTalents in their events and printings after getting the approval of CyberTalents Team
  2. Universities must have at least 2 ambassadors or more to form a club.