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Rank your cyber talents by hosting a CTF Competition

Why Host a Competition ?
CyberTalents Platform enables universities, events & conferences organizers to run a CTF ( capture the flag ) competition in a matter of clicks . Whether you have the skills or not . All you need is to create a Hub account on CyberTalents portal and schedule a competition through a complete customizable wizard. Universities will be able to discover the hidden talents that exists in their campus, Conferences & events will have an exposure by organizing their own CTF. Also, Companies can host a competition as part of team building activities..

24 * 7 Support

Our support team is available on the clock to answer all inquiries, technical support and receive feedback and everything is working smoothly.

Private / Public CTF

Our platform supports both private and public CTF. You can choose to go private and results will not be published or you can go public and join the ranking teams on the website

Hundreds of available Challenges

An exhaustive library of challenges covering all major sections from cryptography to digital forensics passing by Malware Analysis and others is available to try.

Different Themes

A variety of themes available for different challenges to choose from, team can choose preferred theme to work with

Hub Dashboard

All modifications and notifications are made easy through the Hub Dashboard, allowing smooth communication between team members, monitoring and modifying when necessary.

Separate Leaderboard

Our Separate leaderboard is one more setting that will help personalize your challenges.You can choose to separate your team rankings from the world rankings available on the website.


You can either join as an individual or as part of a team. The teams feature allows you to build the team work and team building skills inside your organisation, detect the leadership and promote it


A complete report will be available with all the scores; statistics and skills level for everyone on the team. This will give you a better overview over different team players and will be an added value to the recruitment process.


All challenges are created to suite different tests and needs; everything on the challenge is subject to change based on your preference. Clients have the option to build the whole team from the same company or invite outsiders to join in.