A 3-month training program for 500 different talents in Arab and Africa

Brought to you by Trend Micro 


CyberTalents and Trend Micro are coming up together this year to bring Arab and African talents extensive experience in the cybersecurity area. A 3-month training program that covers not only the core levels of cybersecurity but also advanced cybersecurity levels. Through this scholarship program, the talents will get the opportunity to get prepared with the knowledge and practices needed to build their career in cybersecurity and become experts. It will also help in enhancing already existing skills and creating new capabilities to master cybersecurity. 

Who are CyberTalents and Trend Micro? 

CyberTalents is an international platform that ranks cybersecurity talents according to their real hands-on skills in different cybersecurity categories by organizing CTF competitions. In addition to providing security services and recruitment to companies. 

Trend Micro is a leading voice in the fight against cybercrime, it works tirelessly to discover key insights that allow it to protect 500K+ companies worldwide from 100s of millions of threats daily. It is also a market leader in hybrid cloud security, network defense, small business security, and endpoint security. 

What is CyberTalents Security Scholarship?

CyberTalents Security Scholarship is currently open to 500 talents from different 25 Arab and African countries including Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, DR Congo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, and Oman.

The scholarship will be given fully online by top experts in the region in order for students and fresh graduates to take their first steps into building and advancing their cybersecurity career. However, the opportunity is valid for anyone interested in the field, as the training includes different topics and levels that would match several needs of the applicants.  

In addition to this, CyberTalents and Trend Micro aim to help women find chances that contribute to their cybersecurity career. Thus, we are prioritizing females, as 150 of the scholarship opportunities will be aimed at women only. 

What will you Learn? 

In the scholarship training program, you will get the chance to discover essential aspects regarding the cybersecurity field. In specific, in our Three months bootcamps, you will be learning about one of these tracks.

1) Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking - Web Application Security)

2) Incident Response (Digital Forensics - Malware Reverse Engineering) 

And for more knowledge enrichment, CyberTalents is organizing mentorship sessions during the scholarship period where the talents will get the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with cybersecurity experts in different fields. 

Why Now? 

As we all encounter the recent technological advancements grow, we also find that cyberattacks grow. Therefore, it is crucial that we exert effort into forming a generation with experience and knowledge in cybersecurity. Consequently, CyberTalents and Trend Micro are keen on training these upcoming generations to have a prosperous future in cybersecurity. 

We are also joining forces with different partners in the targeted countries including IEEE Nigeria Section, African Women in Technology (KE), Cyber Foundation (NG), Ghana Society for Education Technology, GDG & WTM Kuwait, Women in Cybersecurity Middle East (WiCSMe), IEEE Lebanon Section, IEEE Oman Section and different African and Arab GDGs. 

The Registration is still Open ...

The program will last 3 months from 1st June to 1st September with 500 fully-sponsored seats available. Don’t miss this chance to join CyberTalents Security Scholarship. To find out more and apply, click here