Unlocking Opportunities: CyberTalents Bootcamp Cohorts Initiative Ignites Cybersecurity Paths for Arab and African Youth

In the last decade, cybersecurity has emerged as the most powerful tool in safeguarding our digital world. With each passing day, the demand for cybersecurity experts continues to rise. However, finding the right professionals for the job has proven to be a challenging task. Simultaneously, aspiring young individuals who possess the potential to excel in cybersecurity face a lack of guidance and a clear path to embark on their career journey.

Addressing this pressing need, CyberTalents has taken up the responsibility of empowering and nurturing aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Right from its inception, CyberTalents has been at the forefront of creating a fresh wave of cybersecurity experts who are passionate about their work.

For the past two years, CyberTalents has been running Free Bootcamps specifically designed for the Arab and African regions. With three successful cohorts already completed, CyberTalents is currently running the fourth one and planning for the fifth one. This strategic approach ensures that every talented individual in these regions is provided with an opportunity to unlock their potential, acquire fundamental cybersecurity knowledge, and receive a comprehensive roadmap to kickstart their cybersecurity career, all at no cost!

In this article, we will dive into the CyberTalents Bootcamp Cohorts and shed light on how this initiative has been transforming the cybersecurity landscape over the past two years.

What is CyberTalents Introduction to Cybersecurity Bootcamp?

In 2022, CyberTalents, in collaboration with Trend Micro, its strategic partner, started the Introduction to Cybersecurity Bootcamp initiative. It provided 1000 free seats to talented individuals from the Arab and African regions, resulting in the successful graduation of over 500 talents from both regions. 

Going further, CyberTalents decided to proceed with this initiative organizing more cohorts, offering thousands of free seats to aspiring individuals in the Arab and African regions. The program aims to equip them with essential knowledge and skills, enabling them to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

After this bootcamp, hundreds of Graduates have successfully taken their next steps in the cybersecurity industry. They credit their success to the knowledge gained during the bootcamp and the invaluable mentoring that provided them with clear insights into their future cybersecurity careers.

For the past two years, CyberTalents has been conducting this initiative with the goal of training as many talents as possible, and building a strong foundation of cybersecurity in their minds. Participants are then able to make informed decisions about their desired career paths. Unlike self-learning experiences, this bootcamp offers an interactive approach, providing participants with personalized feedback on their progress and the ability to ask questions at any time.

Moreover, the bootcamps culminate in a Capture the Flag (CTF) assessment, ensuring that students have absorbed a substantial amount of knowledge and are capable of practically applying the expertise they have acquired within a short period of time.

Bringing the Best Talents to the Cybersecurity Game

Aspiring individuals who wish to enter the field often find themselves overwhelmed by the thousands of online courses available, many of which come with a hefty price tag. The financial burden can be insurmountable for the average individual. Therefore, we ensure that knowledge of cybersecurity is provided free of charge. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and discover their hidden skills along with their preferred career path.

Many individuals end up spending significant amounts of money every day just to gain a basic understanding of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, they often become lost and discouraged, resulting in wasted investments. To address this issue, we offer fundamental knowledge for free, allowing youth to make informed decisions about pursuing a career in cybersecurity. We provide clear insights into the working conditions and various job fields in the real world.

At CyberTalents, we go beyond mere learning. We encourage our talents to build connections within the cybersecurity field, providing access to professionals they can refer to at any time. Additionally, talents connect with peers from their regions and other parts of the world, fostering a collaborative environment where they can learn and thrive together. Through these efforts, CyberTalents has built one of the largest cybersecurity communities worldwide, connecting individuals of different ages, professions, and regions.

The purpose extends even beyond expanding the pool of cybersecurity talent worldwide; it aims to foster a deeper understanding of the digital world, raise awareness, and equip individuals with the skills to protect themselves. In today's interconnected landscape, cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but an essential skill.

CyberTalents Bootcamp is Open for Anyone who Wish to Get Started in Cybersecurity

The bootcamp is not only for students or young talents, an important focus of CyberTalents' initiative is to support career shifters whatever their age. Every day, we encounter individuals who desire to transition into cybersecurity but lack the necessary knowledge or are unwilling to invest in expensive courses that may not suit their needs. They often lose hope and become disoriented along the way. CyberTalents acts as a catalyst, empowering these individuals and offering a clear starting point for a new career with enhanced job opportunities worldwide.


By empowering these youth and career shifters, we contribute to a broader range of skills in the cybersecurity job market, which still faces a shortage of qualified professionals. We ensure these talented individuals are connected to the best organizations that require their expertise, thereby bridging the gap between talent and demand.

Meet Some of our Talents who Graduated from Previous Bootcamps



How do You Apply for Upcoming Cohorts of Introduction to Cybersecurity Bootcamps?

To be eligible for acceptance and a free seat in this initiative, please ensure that you meet the following criteria before applying:

1- Residency

You shall be a resident of a Sub-Saharan African country or an Arab Country, depending on which bootcamp you will apply to.

2- Completed Profile

Add all your details and complete your profile on CyberTalents. 

3- Prerequisite Course

Make sure you have completed the Certified Linux Practitioner Course on CyberTalents and completed its associated challenges.

4- Basic Computer Systems Knowledge

Possess a basic understanding of computer systems.

5- Enrollment

Visit the official webpage of the Bootcamp and click on the "enroll" button.


Once you have clicked enroll, you will have until the deadline of the bootcamp’s registration to complete the prerequisite course. Accepted applicants will receive emails containing all the necessary details and the schedule for the bootcamp. Certificates are offered by the end of the bootcamp for those who finalize all the labs.


In conclusion, the Introduction to Cybersecurity Bootcamp initiative by CyberTalents has successfully empowered aspiring individuals and career shifters by providing free access to essential cybersecurity education and has proven to change lives within two years.

With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, this initiative has created a platform for individuals to gain fundamental knowledge, form connections, and thrive in the cybersecurity field. The interactive nature of the bootcamp and the inclusion of practical assessments ensure that participants acquire practical skills and are well-prepared for the cybersecurity challenges ahead. 

By bridging the skills gap and fostering a stronger cybersecurity talent pool, CyberTalents is playing a crucial role in creating a safer digital environment for all.

CyberTalents intends to carry forward this Bootcamps initiative in the coming year, expanding to include more cohorts and extending reach to all available talents in the Arab and African regions, with the aspiration of reaching out to additional regions in the future!

Our Next Bootcamp is for the Arab Region

Introduction to Cybersecurity Bootcamp Cohort 5 is scheduled to start on December 10th and end on December 26th. Register now!