“CyberTalents” wins The Best Regional Cybersecurity Startup Award at GISEC Global 2023



Dubai, UAE - CyberTalents, the leading cybersecurity talents platform, has won the Best Regional Cybersecurity Startup Competition in UnLock Pitch Competition at GISEC Global. The competition was tough, with more than 20 startups vying for the top spot. However, CyberTalents stood out among the rest, showcasing its innovative solutions and commitment to developing the cybersecurity field.


GISEC Global took place from 14th to 16th March this year. It is the leading gathering ground for the cybersecurity community worldwide. Top cybersecurity enterprises from 40 countries, CISOs from major corporations across the Middle East, Africa & Asia, government dignitaries and cyber leaders, regional and international innovators, and global experts came together to decisively lead cybersecurity transformations across sectors and nations.


This is a significant milestone for CyberTalents, which has been steadily expanding its reach in Africa and Arab countries. The company's mission is to bridge the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry by connecting companies with the best talent in the region. With this win, CyberTalents is poised to make even greater strides toward achieving this goal.

CyberTalents is The Best Regional Cybersecurity Startup at GISEC Global 2023

And about winning the award, Moataz Salah, the company’s founder and CEO, said: “This incredible achievement is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to creating an innovative cybersecurity platform. We're honored to have been selected from a field of ten top cybersecurity startups in the region, and we're grateful for the recognition”. Salah added: “We're committed to making a real difference in the cybersecurity space, and we're excited to see what the future holds for our company”.


The victory came after navigating two challenging phases of the competition. In the semi-final round, CyberTalents faced stiff competition from 20 other cybersecurity companies in the region. Demonstrating their unique value proposition, they were selected among the top 10 to proceed to the final round.


During the finals, CyberTalents successfully convinced the jury of the crucial role they play in the cybersecurity field. Their efforts in bridging the gap between top talents and global opportunities were recognized, leading to their selection as the best regional cybersecurity startup with a reward worth 30,000 AED.


Moataz Salah, Founder, after receiving the Reward

7 years of Continous Success in Enriching the Cybersecurity Field and Inviting More Talents to the Cybersecurity Game! 

CyberTalents has been able to establish itself in the cybersecurity industry through partnerships with large governmental and private entities and enterprises. It is also commendable that the company has taken an active role in developing talents in the cybersecurity field through its various projects aimed at enhancing skills and helping more individuals get started in the industry. 


The efforts of Eng. Moataz Salah, CyberTalents Founder and CEO, and his dedicated team have paid off, and CyberTalents has become a pioneer in these activities.


CyberTalents offers a range of services, including CTF competitions, cybersecurity training, recruitment, and services. The platform connects cybersecurity professionals with companies in need of their skills, helping to bridge the skills gap and address the shortage of cybersecurity talent in the region.


Moataz Salah, Founder, doing the 2nd Pitch in the Finals

CyberTalents: The Largest Cybersecurity Community in the World

Today, CyberTalents has more than 50,000 cybersecurity talents around the world providing them with more than 200 CTF competitions and more than 800 training hours in various fields of cybersecurity varying from basic to advanced. CyberTalents has more than 100 partners and customers in different countries.

Our Mission is to Connect Top Talents to Global Opportunities!

In the coming years, CyberTalents aspires to close the gap in the labor market caused by the lack of qualified cybersecurity talents through more projects to enhance the talents’ technical skills and more partnerships to build the next generation for a better cybersecurity future.


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