CyberTalents and Trend Micro Empowering the Next Generation of Blue Teamers with a Free Scholarship!

A Call for All Our Talents in Africa and Arab Regions to Enhance Their Careers as Professional Blue-Teamers.

CyberTalents and Trend Micro are collaborating again to offer a free scholarship opportunity to 1000 talents in the Arab and African regions. This scholarship program is specifically designed to equip individuals who are interested to become blue teamers with specialized skills necessary for the cybersecurity job market and help them become job-ready within three months.


In today's digital age, cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, and organizations need skilled professionals to protect their systems and data. Providing specialized training opportunities to individuals in different regions can help to bridge the skills gap and prepare them for cybersecurity careers. 


Moreover, this scholarship program can also help to promote diversity in the cybersecurity industry, as it targets talents in the Arab and African regions, which can bring different perspectives and approaches to the field.

CyberTalents Blue Team Scholarship 2023

Brought to you by Trend Micro 

This is a 3-month cybersecurity program to provide an advanced approach to individuals who have some foundational knowledge of computer systems and aspire to pursue a career as blue team members. 


The scholarship program targets 1000 individuals from various countries in Africa and Arab regions, including South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, UAE, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and more. 


This will enable talented individuals from different regions to access the program and develop their cybersecurity skills.

CyberTalents Blue Team Scholarship Learning Modules 

Our experienced instructors will guide you step-by-step through the learning journey and provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the blue team sector. 


The program will take participants through two of CyberTalents' advanced courses in 12 weeks, starting from 8th July to 30th September. This will allow them to discover and develop their skills in the blue-team sector and enhance their technical abilities.


You can learn more about these courses below: 

A- CyberTalents Certified SOC Analyst

This course is created to help participants learn more about SOC as well as to provide them with the necessary skills and background to get started in this sector. 


SOC is used to protect against potential cyberattacks and requires rapid monitoring and response. The longer a cybersecurity incident goes before it is remediated, the greater the potential damage and expense to the organization.

B- CyberTalents Certified Threat Hunter

This course is designed to prepare qualified threat-hunting professionals by providing them with the necessary knowledge and advanced skills to hunt for different types of cyber threats and in-progress intrusions to help them protect their environments and organizations. 

Why Join CyberTalents Blue Team Scholarship 2023?

CyberTalents Blue Team Scholarship 2023 is designed to support and advance your career to the next level! Learning through a gamified platform, you will gain more hands-on experience that will qualify you for the real job market in cybersecurity. 


Additionally, you will have direct access to instructors to ask questions on the spot, and mentorship sessions will provide you with one-on-one communication with an expert to guide you toward your next steps after the scholarship.


Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to connect and build relationships with like-minded individuals in the African and Arab regions. Expanding your network of cybersecurity contacts will be beneficial at every stage of your journey, as it is always better to have good colleagues to walk the road with!


After completing the program, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your efforts during the three-month scholarship period, providing you with an authentic and free cybersecurity certification.

But, Why Blue Team Specifically? 

Blue teams play a critical role in cybersecurity by proactively defending against cyber attacks. As opposed to red teams, who simulate attacks to test an organization's defenses, blue teams are responsible for monitoring networks, detecting and neutralizing threats, and implementing security measures to prevent future attacks. 


With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals, including blue team members, is on the rise.


Learning about cybersecurity, and specifically blue team practices, can equip individuals with valuable skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their organizations against cyber threats. By investing in cybersecurity education, individuals can contribute to a safer digital environment for all.


At CyberTalents, we are committed to empowering and inspiring young people to pursue careers in cybersecurity and help close the gender gap in the field as much as possible. 


Our Blue Team Scholarship is one of the solutions we offer to strengthen the world's defenses against cybercrime, and it is your opportunity to begin your cybersecurity career from the ground up.

Now, How to Apply? 

Before applying, you need to make sure that you meet the following criteria:

Resident in any Arab or African country. 

Finalized the challenges of Intro to Cybersecurity course on CyberTalents.

Completed and updated profile on CyberTalents


If you will fulfill these criteria, go to the Scholarship official webpage to click the Enroll button. 


All of these steps shall be finalized before the registration ends on 25th June. Start Now