“CyberTalents” Wins First Place in Cyberseed Start-Up Global Competition 2022


CyberTalents won Cyberseed Start-Up Global Competition for 2022 which was organized on the sideline of Black Hat conference which was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between the 15th and 17th of November. Black Hat is considered the largest cybersecurity event in the region as it brings together the top minds in the field of cybersecurity and more than 30,000 visitors.

Who is CyberTalents?

CyberTalents is considered one of the world's largest cybersecurity platforms that helps talents learn, practice, and get ranked through CTF competitions (Capture the Flag). In addition to its primary role in connecting top talents with global opportunities and assisting them to get their dream jobs. 


On the other hand, CyberTalents offers cybersecurity recruitment and different cybersecurity services to companies to help protect their business from breaches and cyber-attacks.

More than 6 Years of Experience in Cybersecurity with Many Achievements! 

CyberTalents was founded by the entrepreneur, Eng. Moataz Salah. In a few years, the company was able to prove itself with the effort of its special team through different partnerships with large governmental and private entities and enterprises. And also, through its projects for talents that aim to enhance their skills and help more talents to get started in the cybersecurity fields to become CyberTalents a pioneer in such activities. 

CyberTalents is the Top Start-Up in Cyberseed Start-Up Competition 2022

And about winning the award, Moataz Salah, the company’s founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to receive this valuable award at Black Hat, the number one cybersecurity conference in the world. Receiving a $25,000 prize brings us a step closer to our dream and mission at CyberTalents to connect top talents to global opportunities. We would like to thank the jury for choosing us and thank all our investors, customers, and partners for their trust and support.


CyberTalents victory came after a strong competition with 5 startups from around the world who were selected according to special criteria to participate in the competition. On the last day of the Black Hat conference, each company pitched its idea and objectives to the jury and the selection was made on CyberTalents after they were able to convince the jury of the importance of the role CyberTalents plays in the cybersecurity field.

Moataz Salah, Founder, and Omar Mohamed, COO

CyberTalents: The Largest Cybersecurity Community in the World

Today, CyberTalents has more than 50,000 cybersecurity talents around the world providing them with more than 200 CTF competitions and more than 800 training hours in various fields of cybersecurity varying from basic to advanced. CyberTalents has more than 100 partners and customers in different countries.

Our Mission is to Connect Top Talents to Global Opportunities!

In the coming years, CyberTalents aspires to close the gap in the labor market caused by the lack of qualified cybersecurity talents through more projects to enhance the talents’ technical skills and more partnerships to build the next generation for a better cybersecurity future.


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