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10 Lessons / 14 Labs / 5 hours

53 Students

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This course is advised to help the beginners learn about Computer Networking basics that are essential in Cybersecurity fields, providing all required fundamentals to prepare them to get started in this field.

The course covers Networks Fundamentals starting from Computer Network Definition, Design, Models, Components and Protocols, ending with Network Traffic Capturing and Analysis shedding the light on the relation among these network concepts.

Each topic explained is introduced in practical examples that gather different Computer Networking concepts in such a comprehensive way to deploy theoretical concepts into hands-on experience in our lab setup.

What you will learn?

Introduction to Computer Networks

  • Computer Network Definition
  • Computer Network Design
  • Lab Setup

Network Models

  • OSI Network Model
  • TCP/IP Network Model

Networking Devices

  • Network Components & Its Capabilities
  • LANs & VLANs
  • Network Security Components: Routers, Switches and ports
  • Network Connection: Wired Vs Wireless

IP Addressing

  • Routing Technique
  • IP Addressing Technique
  • Subnetting and Network Classes
  • MAC Address Vs IP Address
  • Port Forwarding

Network Protocols

  • Explaining Different Network Protocols in Detail
  • ping, ipconfig and arp commands

Network Traffic

  • Network Traffic Capturing & Analysis
  • Wireshark, Tshark & tcpdump

Why Do You Need This Course?

  • Computer Networking is an essential skill for people who work in technical fields, information technology, Cybersecurity and Development.
  • Computer Networks is an essential field that is interleaved with all computer-related fields that boosts your capabilities in demonstrating knowledge that makes you a stronger candidate for certain positions.
  • This course is an entrance to all Cybersecurity fields for participants with no prior knowledge that provides them with required knowledge to start their career path with a strong foundation.

Why Our Courses Differ?

Unique Content

Providing the needed knowledge that enables the participant to get started in the field.

Hands-On Labs

Simulation Labs available 24/7 in a cloud-based enviroment using different challenges vary from basic to advanced level.

CTF Evaluation

Running CTF competition, cyber drills and exercises during and after the course.


Participants compete together to solve the challenge and apply what they have learned and winner ranks #1 on the leaderboard.