CyberTalents Certified Open Source Intelligence Analyst

9 Lessons / 19 Labs / 7 hours

157 Students

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This course is created to help participants learn more about cyber open source intelligence as well as to provide them with the necessary skills and background to get started in this sector.


OSINT is used to detect vulnerabilities in apps, networks, physical penetration tests, and when putting security awareness initiatives to the test through Social Engineering efforts. Various vectors utilized in OSINT will be addressed throughout training.


In this category, each topic will be taught with real live examples of how to overcome specific challenges in a genuine assault situation. The course will cover both theory and hands-on practice in our lab.

What will you Learn?

OSINT Overview

  • Data, Information, and Intelligence 
  • Intelligence Disciplines
  • What is OSINT?
  • OSD, OSIF, and OSINT
  • Where/Why is OSINT Used?
  • OSINT Process 

Email Addresses

  • Investigating Email Addresses
  • Investigating Gmail Accounts
  • Investigating ProtonMail Accounts

How Do Search Engines Work?

  • Google
  • Shodan

Website Analysis

  • Web Archiving
  • WHOIS Records
  • Web Applications Fingerprinting


  • What is SOCMINT?
  • Sock Puppets
  • Investigating Usernames
  • Analyzing Some Social Media Platforms 


  • Introduction to IMINT Techniques
  • Geolocating Images
  • Video Analysis

Why Do You Need This Course?

  • OSINT can help discover leaked documents and data dumps that contain sensitive information.
  • Learn how to collect, analyze, and apply publically available information to make decisions with Open Source Intelligence.
  • OSINT may also assist in identifying threat actors and perhaps connecting them to harmful behavior.
  • It can assist you in realizing what clues in your digital footprint can point to identity theft or a cybersecurity event.
  • Expand your employment options and improve your knowledge and abilities.

Why Our Courses Differ?

Unique Content

Providing the needed knowledge that enables the participant to get started in the field.

Hands-On Labs

Simulation Labs available 24/7 in a cloud-based enviroment using different challenges vary from basic to advanced level.

CTF Evaluation

Running CTF competition, cyber drills and exercises during and after the course.


Participants compete together to solve the challenge and apply what they have learned and winner ranks #1 on the leaderboard.